With locations in Berlin, Melbourne and Athens, the ARNDT Collection has evolved over the last two decades to represent an assemblage of artist’s pieces from across the globe. This ongoing “collage” engages with artworks by artists who inspire new ways of seeing and apprehending the world through their practices, thus embodying the collection’s raison d'être.

Collectors, Matthias Arndt, and Tiffany Wood, aim to collect works that create disturbance and allow for a reassessment of lines of questioning and understanding. Represented artists within the collection invite audiences to move away from accepted value systems and conventional reasoning in order to pose fundamental questions concerning the human condition.

Without a prescribed agenda or aim for completion this confluence of pieces will continue to evolve and change in order to expand upon these dialogues. As the collection grows, new and emerging positions are acquired on a regular basis in addition to works by existing artists.

The ARNDT Collection welcomes requests to lend artworks and contributes to exhibitions around the world. The collection also invites curators and artists to develop projects and commissions. External collaborations with institutions in Germany, Australia and abroad play a vital role in the evolution of the collection.

The ARNDT Collection’s The Artbarn is a private art space located in Australia. The Artbarn houses and presents the ARNDT Collection – a contemporary art collection owned by collectors Tiffany Wood and Matthias Arndt – in addition to a range of curated exhibitions of international contemporary art. The Artbarn building was designed by leading Sydney-based architectural practice CHROFI. This structure won the prestigious Award for "Residential Architecture - Houses (New)" as part of the Victorian Architecture Awards in 2022.⁠

Access to The Artbarn and ARNDT Collection is made possible by appointment to curators, fellow collectors, museums groups and arts professionals.

Rachael Vance, Director