Untitled (BDACB)2023, 141 × 110 cm
Daniel Boyd Born 1982, Cairns, Australia. Lives and works Sydney, Australia.

Daniel Boyd is known for his multidisciplinary practice that resituates colonial history within an infinitely expansive universe. In his paintings, videos, and installations, he employs dots as a visual and conceptual tool to explore themes of identity, memory, perception, and history. Reiterated endlessly to form expansive constellations, each dot—or lens—offers a distinct point of knowledge, experience, or perspective to view his work.

Boyd has appropriated portraits of colonial figures such as Captain Cook, Governor Phillip and King George III and accessorised these heroes of empire with pirate eye patches, parrots and necklaces of skulls. Boyd has said, "Questioning the romantic notions that surround the birth of Australia is primarily what influenced me to create this body of work. With our history being dominated by Eurocentric views, it is very important that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to create dialogue from their own perspective to challenge the subjective history that has been created."

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