Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
September 24 – November 20, 2022
The ARNDT Collection is pleased to announce the Paul Yore's upcoming exhibition "Paul Yore: Word Made Flesh" held at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art that includes one of the collection's pieces.

A prominent queer artist whose iconoclastic works engage with the histories of ritual, queer identity, popular culture, nationalism and neo-liberalism, Paul Yore was born in Melbourne in 1987, completed his studies in painting, archaeology and anthropology at Monash University in 2010, and lives and works in Gippsland, Victoria. Yore’s garish yet playful works recast a vast array of found materials, images and texts into sexually and politically loaded tableaux, suggesting hybridity, contradictory meanings, or an overturning of stable categories altogether.

"Paul Yore: Word Made Flesh" will encompass the full scope of Yore’s work –appliquéd quilts and needlework, banners, painting, collage and assemblage – drawing on the vernacular of visionary and psychedelic art, Greco-Roman forms, medieval tapestries, the decorative excesses of rococo style and trash culture. The exhibition will be constructed as a gesamtkunstwerk, with an ambitious new immersive installation presented alongside selected works from the past fifteen years, accompanied by a major new monographic publication.